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EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is specialized CAD/CAM software for boxes and POP/POS displays. The supported materials are folding carton, corrugated board and rigid board.

Powered by an award-winning parametric design technology, EngView uses smart drafting and realistic 3D virtual modeling to easily take designers from the DREAM to the real concept.

A comprehensive library of parametric components and designs combined with Adobe® Illustrator® integration deliver a robust kit that enables professionals to CREATE innovative packaging and POP/POS displays.

EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is the most user-friendly solution that gives businesses the power to SUCCEED.

Library of Packaging Designs

The EngView Library has more than 1 500 parametric packaging designs for folding carton and corrugated board, as well as complex resizable structures for rigid board.

Library of Displays

The Library of Displays is a searchable collection of parametric POP/POS displays and complex multipart designs – furniture, walls, booths, kids’ corners and many others.

Drafting with Parametric Components

The Drafting module offers a set of tools that covers the entire process of drawing and editing a structural design. EngView's packaging software includes…

3D Presenter

The 3D Presenter is the environment for virtual prototyping of packaging and POP/POS displays through realistic 3D modeling. The module eliminates the inconvenience …

Integration with Adobe Illustrator

EngView’s packaging software is integrated with Adobe Illustrator. The plug-in lets graphic designers easily apply artwork onto structural drawings.

Layout Optimizer

The Layout Optimizer module is a base for the production. It allows users of the EngView’s packaging software to place one-up designs onto the sheet.

Nesting Layout

The Nesting Layout is a layout optimizer in which multipart POP/POS displays are automatically arranged on the sheet. You can start producing a single…

Cost Estimator

The Cost Estimator is a module within the EngView’s packaging software that allows calculating production cost according to customer-set parameters and rules.


The EngView’s packaging software and its CAM module offer production personnel full control of all makes and models of cutting plotters and lasers used within the industry.

Varnish Blanket Design

This module enables users of EngView’s packaging software to take advantage of the automatic generation of rubber varnish blankets for plotter cutouts.

Dieboard Design

The team behind the EngView’s packaging software has created the Dieboard Design Module with the aim to guide die professionals through all the stages of designing …

Counterplate Design

One of the EngView’s packaging software capabilities is the assisting and automating the design of pertinax counterplates. In Package Designer Suite…

Stripping Dies Design

With the EngView’s packaging software you can generate the tools — male and female stripping dies, as well as a front stripper — that push the waste material…

EngView Project Organizer

EngView Project Organizer is a product data management (PDM) system, part of the EngView’s packaging software. It is a standalone application …

EngView Synergy

EngView Synergy is a CAD tool for creating resizale designs for the packaging industry. The program is developed on the award-winning Variational and …

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