The PaSharp suite of prepress productivity tools has evolved from Founder’s 30 years of accumulated research and development experience in the graphic arts. The PaSharp suite offers professional trapping tools, specialized step & repeat functions for packaging as well as a series of editing tools enabling prepress operators to boost efficiency and produce higher quality work.

PaSharp is based on Windows OS, Macintosh OS; PaSharp includes thirteen modules: Trap Sharp, Nest Sharp, Link Sharp, Eye Sharp, Inspect Sharp, Tool Sharp, Search Sharp, Mark Sharp, Ink Sharp and TIFF Maker, Seamless, Warp, E-connector. Modularized products can provide various choices in order to meet customer’s requirement.

Till the end of 2010, PaSharp has achieved good performance in offset, flexo and gravure prepress field, and has been used in combination with mainstream CTP and workflow software of Founder, Kodak, Screen, Agfa and Heidelberg. From printing factories to prepress centers, design stations, even universities, they’ve given high recognitions of PaSharp.

Automatic trapping

Professional trap parameters can manage complicated and high-risk trap process.

Step & Repeat with CAD layout

Operators will find it easy to apply graphics on the CAD layout. PaSharp step & repeat is able to adjust the position of graphics and station structural automatically which significantly improves the efficiency of the step & repeat operation.

Interactive Step & Repeat

This step & repeat method provides an object-oriented way of doing step & repeat which offers great convenience for operators.

Step & Repeat with Chart

Operators can set a series of step & repeat parameters such as distance, rotation angle etc. Parameter set function enables operators to do step& repeat with the same parameters or pre-defined variables of mathematics functions in a second.


Besides the most frequently used marks such as center marks, corner marks, etc. Operators can also add image mark, trim mark or other customized marks. By saving the marks parameters set, operators can reuse it in other files at any time.


Files comparison

The differences between the two compared files will be marked obviously. This function is best for operators to know the modifications of the file.


Operators can set stroke width, fonts, images and other parameters based on specified demands. Based on the parameters, Inspect Sharp can find the objects which do not fit for the printing conditions.

Search specified objects

Combination of Various Parameters Quickly search the most frequently used objects Multi-selection function makes it possible to find the specified objects More objects will be found with the new search engine

Path Editing Tools

Operators can edit the path more conveniently with path editing tools, such as trace tool, distortion tool etc.

Image channel mapping

Directly mapping image channels in AI.

TIFF Maker

TIFF Maker can export both CMYK and spot colors to ".tiff" format for proofing. Operators can choose one or multi separations to export.

What’s New in PaSharp 7.6 July 2016

Add PaSharp Automation function :

People always pursue higher efficiency and lower worker cost, here comes with the newly releasing Founder PaSharp Automation.

Introduction of Founder PaSharp Automation System

Founder PaSharp Automation system is going to change the prepress processing in PaSharp from manual to automatic. The system is C/S structure, composed of automation server, automation client and PaSharp processors: Automation client creates new tasks (including Ticket, Hot Folder and Job), and monitors processing status; automation server receives and manages the tasks; PaSharp processor executes the tasks and returns the results.

Simple Workflow of Operation

  1. Create an automation ticket in Automation client, the ticket can be Preflight, Step & Repeat with CAD Layout/Chart, and Auto Trapping etc.
  2. Create a Hot Folder in Automation client for a batch of files, or create a job for only one file.
  3. All files are displayed in the Job Manager list, and also can be moved or deleted.
  4. After the file is processed, the result file will go into Output Folder.

Ticket Manager

  1. Create ticket which includes job rules and parameters.
  2. Four automation modules are supported.

Hot Folder Manager

Hot folder manager is used for creating activated folder. Automation server is always checking up the hot folder, if there is any file put into the folder, it will be moved and processed according to the rules and parameters of the ticket.

Job Manager

Besides process files with hot folder, you also can process file with "New Job". The difference is that hot folder method processes batch files, and new job method can only process one file at one time.

Benefit of Automation

Automation system increases the efficiency of process greatly, you don’t need to open file one by one in Illustrator, just put the files into hot folder, and find the result file in the output folder.

What’s New in PaSharp 7.0 Dec 2015

  1. Support Adobe CC2015 and MAC OS X El Capitan 10.11
  2. Search#:
    • Add new search conditions
  3. Eye#:
    • Support to compare thedocument by separation.
  4. Nest#:
    • Add "Adjust Overlap" in function of "Step& Repeat with chart".

What’s New in PaSharp 6.5 May 2015

  1. Trap#:
    • Improve image trapping, the file size is smaller after savethe file with image trapping. (do not save color pair)
    • Modify the arithmetic of "Adjust Underprint"function, increase the efficiency and stability of "AdjustUnderprint".
    • “Adjust Underprint” function supports non-white color block.
  • “Gradient Underprint” supports spread in below case.

When the outside of gradient object has other object, evenif the distance of underprint is negative value, the gradient also will spread. If the gradient object is on the top of non-gradient object, the gradientobject will extend to the non-gradient object.

  1. Tool#:

a. Add "Antialias" setting in "Effect\Founder\Noise"function.
b. Support big size object (1000mm*800mm) in"Effect\Founder\Noise" function.
c. Add [Pack# Marquee Tool] and [Pack# Direct Marquee Tool]

  1. Search#:

a. Add to save a ticket of parameter settings.
b. Add "Ink Number" condition to search object withmultiple inks.

  • Inspect#:

Add to specify search parameters, you can import searchticket, and Inspect# will call Search# to search and check when inspecting.

  • Eye#

Add opacity effect when preview minimum dot, maximum dot andTAC (Total area coverage).

  • Mark#

Add to specify the path of image mask in the preferences ofMark#.

  • 7. Nest#

“Add Trim box” function, modify to fix trim box to thecenter of border line.

New Function in V6.1

  1. Supports Adobe illustrator CC 2014
  2. Improvement in installation, supports installationprogress bar.
  3. Tool#-add pencil tool in curve effect.
  4. Supports Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite.

New Function in V6.0

ModuleNew Function    
EffectCurves Adjustment    
Ink# Image Channel Mapping for linked Image    
Ink#Ink Mixing for multi-appearance object    
Search#Search for InkMix Color    
Nest#Set custom spot color ink for CAD line    
Mark# Add Station Number Mark    
Trap# Color Sequence supports Reverse Order    
Screen# Support to find specific type screened object    

New Function-Curves Adjustment

Support to adjust the special effects with curve
Support to input/output the ACV format curve the same as in PhotoShop
Adjust the hue range of whole document

  • New Function-Minimum gap

Check the minimum gap in Inspect

New Function

New Function

Set custom spot color ink for CAD line
Set the CAD line of one-up file in layout
Don’t need to set CAD line in One-up file

  • New Function

Add Station Number Mark
Add Station number by smart mark in layout file
Don’t need to set Station number in One-up file

  • New Function
  • Image Channel Mapping for linked Image New Function Search for InkMix Color
  • New Function
  • Support to find specific type screened object

  • New Function in V5.5
  • Support Adobe Illustrator CS6

  • New Function in V5.0
  • 1) Create Ink Histogram
    · Calculate the ink key histogram from the current document.

  • Ink Histogram
  • Ink Histogram in one separation
  • 2) Create Ink Compensation
    · Ink compensation

  • Ink compensation
  • · Different compensate parameters can be set for every separation.

  • Ink compensate details
  • Ink compensation in Magenta Separation
  • 2. Tool# · Gradiant,Mesh and so on can be added with this effect.

  • Noise effect parameters
  • 3. Eye#
    1) Ink Match
    · After setting the Ink Match, different separations can be recognized as the same.

  • Ink match setting
  • Result
  • Powerful functions

    PaSharp encompasses all facets of packaging prepress with robust tools for professional trapping, step & repeat and a powerful set of editing tools.

    Standalone software

    PaSharp impresses customers with complete convenience of prepress operation.

    Splendid compatibility

    PaSharp can be combined with any PDF workflows, and operators can make any modifications in a second.

    Attentive technical support

    PaSharp support team offers the best service and help to customers. Modularized products provide various choices in order to meet customers’ needs.

    Multi-language support

    English, Chinese & Japanese

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